Hiking Dingmans Falls

An easy hike on Pennsylvania's outer rim. By Samuel Colby (@sirsamuels)


For most New Jersey visitors, the marker indicating your on the right direction to Dingmans Falls is usually the rustic old wooden bridge - evidently maintained, fully-functioning and accompanied by a casual TOLL crew. All adding to the Pennsylvania charm. Not far after the bridge, the trailhead welcomes any and all hikers. My niece was particularly enchanted by the trail's descent. Thick tree branches and boughs cover the wide trail that turns into a well-maintained wood path. At the path’s base, you have an amazing view of the waterfall and close enough to absorb the mist. Perhaps you’ll see some dude from NJ with a giant horn (see below). 

I highly recommend this family-friendly trail to all types of hikers and the casual wanderers.
These shots were taken on a particularly warm January day.
Still lush with green and remnants of fall.

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